Take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes in Downtown Tucker

Landscaping Enhancements The Tucker-Northlake CID funds the maintenance of the landscaping on Main Street, including the flower beds and planters, and street sweeping in Downtown Tucker.

Upgraded Street Signs The Tucker-Northlake CID and the MainStreet Tucker Alliance are leading the way on upgrading each street sign in Downtown Tucker to match the decorative posts and signs on Main Street.

Art in the Alleys The Tucker-Northlake CID recently partnered with the City of Tucker and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) through the ARC’s Community Development Assistance Program on a proposal to allow art in the alleys. The project included a coloring book. For more information, visit tuckeralleys.com.

Trail and Alley Development The City of Tucker is moving forward with trail development in the alleys on B Block west of Main Street. The trail system will eventually connect from Stone Mountain Park to Northlake and beyond. To learn more about trails in Tucker visit tuckerpath.org.

Future Town Green Building on a framework from the 1890s, Lord Aeck Sargent designed a concept for a multi-purpose green space on Railroad Avenue in the Downtown Tucker Grid Plan. To help stakeholders visualize the opportunity, the CID funded additional renderings showing how the nearly 2-acre space could be used for concerts and other events, including restrooms and parking.

Sidewalk Expansion The Tucker-Northlake CID, DeKalb County Department of Community Development, and the City of Tucker are filling sidewalks gaps throughout Downtown Tucker including this section on Hugh Howell Rd.

Downtown Tucker Parking Revitalization The Urban Land Institute (ULI) completed a study for the Tucker-Northlake CID on parking in Downtown, examining parking availability within one block of Main Street. Here is a link to the study.

Development Opportunities Renderings from studies help investors visualize redevelopment opportunities within the context of the Tucker’s zoning code. For more details see our list of studies and plans.

Pedestrian Streetlights To improve public safety and increase walkability, the City of Tucker installed streetlights on First Avenue, Second Street, and Fourth Street as part of the Phase II Streetscape.

Tucker-Northlake CID Stakeholders As the right of way improves, members of the CID continue to reinvest and update their properties.