Envisioning a Town Green in Downtown Tucker: An Introduction

Part one of a nine-part series on the proposed town green on Railroad Avenue.

Conceptual rendering of town green in Downtown Tucker created in 2021 for discussion purposes. Select image for a larger view.

Last week the City of Tucker’s Parks and Recreation Department held a public input meeting led by Barge Design Solutions to gather the community’s thoughts on the future town green that will be developed on Railroad Avenue in Downtown Tucker. This is an important step in a process that began with the work of the Tucker-Northlake CID in 2017 and is now one step closer to completion.

The story of how we got here and why it matters to the business community is worth telling. Rather than attempting to tell the entire story we are sharing highlights of the Tucker-Northlake CID’s involvement and our concepts for the property. Specifically, our work with the City of Tucker, Lord Aeck Sargent, other consultants, and property owners in the surrounding business community.

This is the first post in a nine-part series focused on what we’ve called since 2020, as a temporary working title, the “Tucker Town Green.” Each part will address a specific aspect of the potential use of the property. Links to each will be posted below.

Envisioning a Town Green: Comparing Sites
Envisioning a Town Green: The Need for Parking
Envisioning a Town Green: The Need for Restrooms
Envisioning a Town Green: An Overview of Progress
Envisioning a Town Green: Connecting Alleys and Trails
Envisioning a Town Green: The Benefits of Green Infrastructure
Envisioning a Town Green: A More Accessible Playscape
Envisioning a Town Green: A Concert Green and Gathering Space

With all of this information it’s important to be clear that these images and concepts are not the final versions of what the town green will look like. These are the images and concepts that carried us to this point.

Fly-through video of conceptual 3D model of the town green on Railroad Avenue created for discussion purposes.

Moving forward, Barge Design Solutions will present 3 concepts to the City Council and the Council will pick one for Barge to develop into a Master Plan for the property.

In the meantime, the materials the Tucker-Northlake CID has produced with Lord Aeck Sargent and others are a helpful introduction to the property. We will share the limitations and opportunities we have been focused on for the last six years.

The Tucker-Northlake CID is pleased with the leadership the city has shown in purchasing the property and the progress being made by Parks and Recreation to make the town green a reality. As an economic development project, the town green will have a transformative impact on Downtown Tucker and the entire city.

The remaining posts in this series on envisioning a town green will primarily address the interest of the business community in meeting the needs of those who come to Downtown Tucker.

[Please note that the images on this site related to the town green are for discussion purposes only. A final design has not been selected by the City Council. The Council is expected to make a decision on implementation later this year following inclusion of additional public input and recommendations from Barge Design Solutions.]

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